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The best way to make sure your friends get this video is for you to send it with your own email system. This could be Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail etc. But to make it easy we have written the email for you, all you need to do is Cut & Paste the message to your email system and send it to the friends you want!

Hotmail example Below is an example of how to send this message via Hotmail.

Step 1: Cut & Paste the message above. Do this by clicking on the message and press CTRL + C on the keyboard.

Step 2: Open Hotmail and login as normal. Create a new message and place the mouse over the message area and press CTRL + V on the keyboard.

Step 3: Select the friends you wish to send the video clip to and press send.

Anti-spam As you send the email it will not get blocked by spam filters and most importantly you don't have to enter your email address in to a system. We can be trusted as we always use a double opt-in system if you wish to be on a list but many sites will save your address. We hate spam as much as you do and have designed this site with the user in mind at all times.

Have fun! We hope you and your friends enjoy the videos we have online!


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